First post

Hello to everyone who stumbled upon my website!

I’ve been reading Anastasia’s blog for some time already and I’ve been working up the courage to get my own place where I could rant about food. I love cooking and I take pictures of my food everyday anyway, so why not share them! I will probably also write a lot about unrelated things and post random pictures, just because I can 😉

I just thought I’d mention that I’m not a sophisticated cook. I’m not a bio-food freak, don’t have a huge kitchen, don’t know much about food. All I know is that I need to start eating better or I’ll stay unhealthy and unhappy forever. I have quite a lot of extra fat on my body (and I mean, over 20kg) and I know enough about nutrition to be aware of the fact that I can only get healthier if I change my lifestyle completely. So here, this blog is my motivation 🙂