Good Food

My laptop’s adapter died yesterday, so I am forced to use Christiaan’s laptop which is over 5 years old (how can a laptop be that old? my laptops survive only about 3 years :P) and is sloooow. I don’t like typing on someone else’s keyboard, but it looks like I’ll have a new adapter tomorrow, yay!

I’ve had a couple of super yummy things lately! First of all – my breakfast today!

Overnight oats with coconut milk, raisins and cinnamon+ an apple+coffee+good magazine to read= a great morning!

After my very tiring Dutch lesson of almost 2 hours, all I was thinking about on the way back was lunch! I had a huge craving for some veggies and crackers, so:

Herb crackers, orange bell pepper (new favorite!), cucumber, lots of rucola (looove it!), goat cheese, pine nuts and my new obsession , HUMMUS! Can you believe I have JUST discovered it?

You know this feeling when you eat just a little piece of something greasy and you’re full and icky? Well, go for a huge plate of veggies and you will know what “nicely satisfied” means! I had that ginormous plate of food for dinner yesterday:

Rucola, carrot, cucumber, orange bell pepper, radish, vegetable balls and brown rice. It was filling in this nice and healthy way!

And the last one: tagliatelle with red pesto, chicken, courgette, nuts and tomatoes. SO GOOD!

Oh, and I made another batch of these muesli bars indeed. And you know what? They’re gone, too! Oops 😉

My weekend

The weekend was so nice that I didn’t even spend a lot of time online (which is rare for me!).  Especially yesterday there was a lot of good food and wandering on the beach!

We stopped for lunch at one of the cafes on the beach and I had my favorite food:

Whole wheat roll with goat cheese, honey and pine nuts. I swear I order it every time we go out for lunch if it’s available!

And I seriously cannot get enough of this:

Overnight oats for the 100th time! I love making it every evening before I go to sleep! Actually, two nights ago I was making it while brushing my teeth and I forgot to put the yoghurt and milk away to the fridge for the night. Oops :p

There is definitely some good food coming this week, I can feel it. I spent half a day today looking for some good recipes and now I think I’ll go make another batch of the crunchy muesli bars from this post! Last time they didn’t last too long 😉

Have a great day!


My Food Obsessions

Whoa, I am so tired! I spent the whole day walking around Amsterdam with my sister and kids she babysits and at the end of the day I got a bad headache. I guess Amsterdam doesn’t have the best influence on me (or maybe it’s just me reacting like that to a city I don’t really like)… But it was fun!

Somewhere on the way we stumbled upon this shop ALDI and I had been wanting to go there and stock up on some nuts, because I heard they have them pretty cheap there. I was so excited when I saw that they have nuts from Trader Joe’s! I remember seeing the name of this shop in a couple of posts of American bloggers and thinking that I wish I had a shop like this 🙂 Apparently, the guy who co-owned Trader Joe’s was also the owner of ALDI, so they sell a few products in Europe now – mainly nuts, peanut butter and maple syrup. I got so excited about the nuts that I didn’t even look around for more products, but definitely will in the future!

What I got:

Best part: they’re all unsalted and there are absolutely no peanuts, which I don’t like. There are cashews, almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts (also not my favorite),  cranberries and raisins. They all landed in a biiiig tin box and will be taken care of by yours truly 😉

You know what else makes me happy? This:

A bowl full of fruit! I seriously could not live without fruit!

Other things I will never pass up:

Garden cress! So so so good that I put it on basically everything. I love how peppery, mustardy it is, it adds a nice flavor to my salads and sandwiches!

Couscous! Okay, I mostly love it because it’s so fast to make 😛 But I also like how well it goes with vegetables and just about anything else.

Last but not least: goat cheese! I’ll eat any kind of goat cheese really, but this is my favorite: soft one with added honey. My favorite mix is goat cheese, rucola, honey and walnuts (or pine nuts)!

What is your favorite food right now?

Sunny Saturday

It’s so beautiful outside today! Unfortunately, it’s only 9 C , so still not warm enough. I woke up knowing exactly what I’d like for breakfast!

It’s a garlic & parsley tortilla with honey, tomato, honey goat cheese and lettuce. And yes, I don’t close my tortillas because I always put way too much on them 😛

When Chris woke up (well after noon!), he asked me to make him quesadillas just the way we had them yesterday for dinner. I ‘d never made them before, no idea why! It’s just like pizza, but easier and faster. And sooo yummy! *walks away to make one for herself *

Then we went out for a stroll in the sun. I wore my new spring coat that I had just bought yesterday:(don’t mind my sausage-like legs :P)

On the way I found this awesome bike. The Dutch loooove weird bikes.

In a nice street we saw an American/British shop. Chris had to get some Mtn Dew (normally unavailable here) and we also grabbed some M&M’s. Dark Chocolate and Coconut?! Awesome!

Also stumbled upon a great gadget shop – I loved this Hosepipe Vase 😀

Today’s dinner was put together quickly and to be honest, I didn’t really like it. There’s something about salmon that I can’t stand, but I keep trying to change my mind. Not sure if I’ll get it again after today though :/

It’s a salmon burger, potatoes fried on olive oil, broccoli and cauliflower. Not fancy at all.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow!