Colors, nuts and saved yoga mats

Hi everybody! It’s been so warm and sunny lately, it makes me smile! And colorful breakfasts are a great way to start the day!

Fresh strawberries are still quite expensive, but I had to buy some and put them on my bread with vanilla sugar!

Today I had to go to ALDI again to stock up on some nuts! The one I’ve been to before had many more Trader Joe’s nut mixes to choose from it seems, but I have to be happy with what I got 🙂 Look how sad my nut tin looked before, with all these lonely hazelnuts:

And now: om nom nom! (I have to be careful though, I tend to snack too much on nuts!)

Yesterday we went to the cinema to see ‘Barney’s Version’. On the way there, we were passing a couple of dumpsters, where some guy was throwing away some bigger stuff. I saw that he was holding a thick mat and I swear, he was already dropping it when I gave out a series of weird noises (something like ‘eeh-eeh-eeh-eyyy’ probably!) and caught his attention. I asked him if I could have it and he said sure, and that it was brand new but he didn’t have space for it. So, I have a thick mat now for exercising at home! I bought a yoga mat a long time ago (not that I do yoga, haha!) but it’s so thin it hurts! I can’t wait to try this one out! Although it’s probably just a sleeping mat, not an exercise one 😉

This week I’m planning on doing some exercising at home and maybe go to the gym for some cardio (I have some terrible nerve pain in between my ribs so I’m afraid to do any strength work out). I hope it works out!


My Food Obsessions

Whoa, I am so tired! I spent the whole day walking around Amsterdam with my sister and kids she babysits and at the end of the day I got a bad headache. I guess Amsterdam doesn’t have the best influence on me (or maybe it’s just me reacting like that to a city I don’t really like)… But it was fun!

Somewhere on the way we stumbled upon this shop ALDI and I had been wanting to go there and stock up on some nuts, because I heard they have them pretty cheap there. I was so excited when I saw that they have nuts from Trader Joe’s! I remember seeing the name of this shop in a couple of posts of American bloggers and thinking that I wish I had a shop like this 🙂 Apparently, the guy who co-owned Trader Joe’s was also the owner of ALDI, so they sell a few products in Europe now – mainly nuts, peanut butter and maple syrup. I got so excited about the nuts that I didn’t even look around for more products, but definitely will in the future!

What I got:

Best part: they’re all unsalted and there are absolutely no peanuts, which I don’t like. There are cashews, almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts (also not my favorite),  cranberries and raisins. They all landed in a biiiig tin box and will be taken care of by yours truly 😉

You know what else makes me happy? This:

A bowl full of fruit! I seriously could not live without fruit!

Other things I will never pass up:

Garden cress! So so so good that I put it on basically everything. I love how peppery, mustardy it is, it adds a nice flavor to my salads and sandwiches!

Couscous! Okay, I mostly love it because it’s so fast to make 😛 But I also like how well it goes with vegetables and just about anything else.

Last but not least: goat cheese! I’ll eat any kind of goat cheese really, but this is my favorite: soft one with added honey. My favorite mix is goat cheese, rucola, honey and walnuts (or pine nuts)!

What is your favorite food right now?