Eco shopping and yummy food

Good afternoon! How are you doing today?

Lately I’ve been full of energy and very inspired and motivated! Yesterday I decided to try Jillian Michael’s 30-DAY SHREDย and I must say, I got hooked! Today I did another workout of level 1 and it’s been great!

Ta-da! C’est moi. Wow, I look pretty slim here, but don’t be fooled, there’s a huge blob of fat around my waist and I mean HUGE.ย 

Obviously, hydrating is the key. It’s always a struggle for me because I can go hours without feeling thirsty so I have to constantly remind myself to drink. I dug out my gym bottle (previously mainly used to bring our own water when we were going to the cinema so that we wouldn’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on drinks there) and I’m planning on having it by my side all the time.

Anyway, I’d like to share with you some of my eats from today and yesterday!

First we have a lovely banana smoothie (vanilla yoghurt+banana) with some choco chips, flax seeds, wheat germs and whatnot. Soooo good and sooooo filling!

Yesterday I also tried the intriguing snack I saw over at Anastasia’sย ย if I’m not mistaken. Really nice!

In the evening I made this colorful pot of awesomeness – vegetarian chilli. The recipe is here.

Pretty good! I really liked it, but Chris didn’t seem especially excited about it… well too bad for him, cause we’ll be eating it again today (and there’s even more!) ๐Ÿ˜€

I also have to share another awesome breakfast with you! I saw it over at Ashley‘s and I just HAD TO make it! It’s a banana scramble – she put it on bread, I ate it as a pancake. The recipe is here.

Today I decided to finally go to our local Eco shop. Wait, no. I’ve already been there a couple of times. I decided to go there and BUY something.

Yay! I had to grab almond milk, almond butter, tofu, quinoa and mango chocolate. You have to know that I’ve never tried any of these and also, some of these things seemed super expensive. But oh well, I had to try them! My thoughts?

QUINOA – haven’t tried it yet. They only had quinoa flakes, so I’ll try breakfasts with them. No trace of regular quinoa, I have to look somewhere else.

ALMOND BUTTER – holy moly, I thought it’d be heaven for my tongue and it turned out to be quite… bitter I guess? Actually it’s an almond paste, so maybe that’s the difference.

ALMOND MILK – not sure if it’s actually the same kind of drink you all guys buy. It actually says ‘almond drink’ and not milk. It’s sweetened with agave. There wasn’t anything else of this sort so I thought I’d give it a try anyway. Yum! I can’t wait to make overnight oats with it tomorrow!

ORGANIC MANGO CHOCOLATE – actually I didn’t notice it said ‘white chocolate’ when I was buying it, I probably wouldn’t get it at all! But I’m glad I did, it’s so good and fruity!

TOFU – I know, I know, it’s weird I’ve never had it. I’ll definitely incorporate it into some stir-fry soon enough and will let you know how I liked it. To be honest, I had no idea what tofu to choose, there were so many of them!

Wow, have I flooded you with pictures and words today! Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for all the comments!


Oh happy day!

Good evening (on this side of the globe)!

How I like days like today – a bit of errands, a bit of little pleasures (Gossip Girl!), a bit of socializing! Most days I really cannot make myself do anything and end up sitting in front of my laptop for hours. Of course, I make lists of what I should do for the day (I am obsessed with lists to be honest!), but I never actually do EVERYTHING I should. Well, not today! I did everything I planned and more!

I’m proud of myself because I started my day with a workout!

Unfortunately, I am still struggling with this part of my metamorphosis into a healthy and skinny goddess… but step by step, I’m getting used to working out, even if it hurts, even if I can’t do everything the lovely Jillian Michaels tells me to do.

I had to grab some groceries today but I had promised myself to buy only products I REALLY needed. I tend to buy too much, in bulk, buy “because I might need it” etc. And to be honest, I can’t afford it. Nor do I have space for it. My cupboards are literally overflowing with pastas, rice, seeds, oats, tins and such. One more thing and I might start to be considered a hoarder!

What I bought: Red Marconi peppers, yellow pepper, champignions, salad mix, courgette, bananas, kiwi’s, mozzarella, feta cheese, watercress, tuna in water, flax seeds, creme fraiche, rolled oats, whole wheat flour and… liquorice allsorts – not for me though!!!

I also got these beauties on my way out of the supermarket:


For dinner we had Chris’s brother and I made quiche with ham, mushrooms and ham. Sooo good! First there was no salad on the side, so while the guys were talking and eating, I quickly fixed a salad with lettuce mix, tomatoes, peppers, watercress, cucumber and sunflower seeds.

After dinner I had one of these:

… Polish apple beer. I abhor beer and basically any alcohol (everyone is always shocked when I say I’ve never even tried vodka – “Polish and not drinking? Riiiight!”), but I like how Redd’s is sweet and almost doesn’t taste like beer. It makes me tipsy pretty fast, though! It has only 4,5% of alcohol, but when you’re not used to drinking… it makes you feel fuuunnnyyyyy!

How about you, are you a list maker?

Do you drink/like alcohol?


What a day!

I’ve been waiting for today for a long time because I knew tickets for my favorite band’s series of concerts would go on sale. I wasn’t expecting to get even one, but I got lucky and got tickets for 4 nights! So June will be full of music, friends and wandering around London, yay!

But before the big excitement there was my breakfast. I love overnight oats right now and I love how I can put all these things in them and they’re different every morning. Last night I made mine with coconut milk and a little bit of regular milk, and in the morning I added pear and kiwi and had a piece of banana bread on the side.

Lunch was fast and easy: whole what bread with lean ham and cress. Cress is one of my favorite things right now and I can eat it everyday, all day!

I almost forgot to go shopping because of all this craziness today! And when I did go, I brought two bags I could barely carry.

I bought: milk, leek, spinach, potatoes, Naan bread, Indian Curry sauce, tangerines, orange bell pepper, tomatoes, lean ham pieces, coconut milk, whole wheat bread, red lentils.

I was planning on making lentil soup today, but Chris came back home earlier and was so hungry that I decided to make a quick quiche.

It has loads of spinach, some ham, orange bell pepper, onion, courgette and low fat cheese. SO GOOD! Chris had two servings, so that means no food for him tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜›

Tomorrow I’m visiting my sister for her birthday, so maybe some pictures of Amsterdam (and its food) will follow!

Thanks and bye!

Sunny Saturday

It’s so beautiful outside today! Unfortunately, it’s only 9 C , so still not warm enough. I woke up knowing exactly what I’d like for breakfast!

It’s a garlic & parsley tortilla with honey, tomato, honey goat cheese and lettuce. And yes, I don’t close my tortillas because I always put way too much on them ๐Ÿ˜›

When Chris woke up (well after noon!), he asked me to make him quesadillas just the way we had them yesterday for dinner. I ‘d never made them before, no idea why! It’s just like pizza, but easier and faster. And sooo yummy! *walks away to make one for herself *

Then we went out for a stroll in the sun. I wore my new spring coat that I had just bought yesterday:(don’t mind my sausage-like legs :P)

On the way I found this awesome bike. The Dutch loooove weird bikes.

In a nice street we saw an American/British shop. Chris had to get some Mtn Dew (normally unavailable here) and we also grabbed some M&M’s. Dark Chocolate and Coconut?! Awesome!

Also stumbled upon a great gadget shop – I loved this Hosepipe Vase ๐Ÿ˜€

Today’s dinner was put together quickly and to be honest, I didn’t really like it. There’s something about salmon that I can’t stand, but I keep trying to change my mind. Not sure if I’ll get it again after today though :/

It’s a salmon burger, potatoes fried on olive oil, broccoli and cauliflower. Not fancy at all.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow!