Hazelnut butter fail

For the past week I’ve had my parents here with me and it was so busy that I had no time to even go online. The time was filled with nice and not always healthy  food, but also lots and lots of walking, thanks to which I didn’t gain any weight 😉

Some time ago I saw Heather’s post about making your own peanut butter and it made me think – when I eat my nuts, the hazelnuts are always left untouched, so why not make a hazelnut butter!

So I took a bunch of hazelnuts and put them in my blender. I turned it on. And off. And on. And off. It started smelling, as if the engine got hot… and the hazelnuts were still not shredded.

… so I took my little crappy mortar and pestle and tried to make the nuts smaller, so that the blender has it easier…

… back in the blender, and the nuts were getting shredded a bit, but the whole thing would get stuck to the walls after a few seconds and there was nothing to shred then…

… so I added a little bit honey, put the shreds in a plastic container and decided to use it in some other way.

After a few days I suddenly felt like making a little parfait and the shredded hazelnuts were a perfect topping!

I have no idea what I did wrong – either my blender isn’t strong enough, or I wasn’t pushing it hard enough (I was afraid it would explode!), or maybe hazelnuts aren’t as easy to blend as peanuts? All in all, it ended well, except… I have no self-made hazelnut butter 😦

Any ideas/advice?