Hello! My name is Ania, I am almost 27 years old (can’t believe it!). I’m from Poland and I lived there until 3 years ago, when I decided to move to The Netherlands. I am an English teacher and translator, kind of jobless right now, giving private lessons to Polish expats while looking for a dream job. I live in The Hague with my wonderful geeky boyfriend Chris.

I decided to make this blog because I really needed it. Being overweight has taken a toll on my body, health and mind and I reached a point in my life where absolutely nothing  except for food – could make me happy anymore. What’s worse, nothing could motivate me to change something, not even my really bad blood test results. Low self-esteem paired up with lots of bad food (in my case – anything gummy, fruity and chewy), apathy, bad weather and lack of a proper job all made me depressed and discouraged,which led me to overeating again, gaining more weight – a vicious circle.

The good news is that I enjoy cooking. Recently I’ve also discovered the whole healthy eating blogging community and looking through all these positive posts, beautiful pictures and great recipes has been such an inspiration! All this has led me to this place and this place is surely going to be the biggest motivation on my way to the top – if I have to post pictures of my food here, it can’t be junk for sure!

Thank you for dropping by, leaving comments and I hope that you’ll be coming back!


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