Oh happy day!

Good evening (on this side of the globe)!

How I like days like today – a bit of errands, a bit of little pleasures (Gossip Girl!), a bit of socializing! Most days I really cannot make myself do anything and end up sitting in front of my laptop for hours. Of course, I make lists of what I should do for the day (I am obsessed with lists to be honest!), but I never actually do EVERYTHING I should. Well, not today! I did everything I planned and more!

I’m proud of myself because I started my day with a workout!

Unfortunately, I am still struggling with this part of my metamorphosis into a healthy and skinny goddess… but step by step, I’m getting used to working out, even if it hurts, even if I can’t do everything the lovely Jillian Michaels tells me to do.

I had to grab some groceries today but I had promised myself to buy only products I REALLY needed. I tend to buy too much, in bulk, buy “because I might need it” etc. And to be honest, I can’t afford it. Nor do I have space for it. My cupboards are literally overflowing with pastas, rice, seeds, oats, tins and such. One more thing and I might start to be considered a hoarder!

What I bought: Red Marconi peppers, yellow pepper, champignions, salad mix, courgette, bananas, kiwi’s, mozzarella, feta cheese, watercress, tuna in water, flax seeds, creme fraiche, rolled oats, whole wheat flour and… liquorice allsorts – not for me though!!!

I also got these beauties on my way out of the supermarket:


For dinner we had Chris’s brother and I made quiche with ham, mushrooms and ham. Sooo good! First there was no salad on the side, so while the guys were talking and eating, I quickly fixed a salad with lettuce mix, tomatoes, peppers, watercress, cucumber and sunflower seeds.

After dinner I had one of these:

… Polish apple beer. I abhor beer and basically any alcohol (everyone is always shocked when I say I’ve never even tried vodka – “Polish and not drinking? Riiiight!”), but I like how Redd’s is sweet and almost doesn’t taste like beer. It makes me tipsy pretty fast, though! It has only 4,5% of alcohol, but when you’re not used to drinking… it makes you feel fuuunnnyyyyy!

How about you, are you a list maker?

Do you drink/like alcohol?


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