Sunny Saturday

It’s so beautiful outside today! Unfortunately, it’s only 9 C , so still not warm enough. I woke up knowing exactly what I’d like for breakfast!

It’s a garlic & parsley tortilla with honey, tomato, honey goat cheese and lettuce. And yes, I don’t close my tortillas because I always put way too much on them 😛

When Chris woke up (well after noon!), he asked me to make him quesadillas just the way we had them yesterday for dinner. I ‘d never made them before, no idea why! It’s just like pizza, but easier and faster. And sooo yummy! *walks away to make one for herself *

Then we went out for a stroll in the sun. I wore my new spring coat that I had just bought yesterday:(don’t mind my sausage-like legs :P)

On the way I found this awesome bike. The Dutch loooove weird bikes.

In a nice street we saw an American/British shop. Chris had to get some Mtn Dew (normally unavailable here) and we also grabbed some M&M’s. Dark Chocolate and Coconut?! Awesome!

Also stumbled upon a great gadget shop – I loved this Hosepipe Vase 😀

Today’s dinner was put together quickly and to be honest, I didn’t really like it. There’s something about salmon that I can’t stand, but I keep trying to change my mind. Not sure if I’ll get it again after today though :/

It’s a salmon burger, potatoes fried on olive oil, broccoli and cauliflower. Not fancy at all.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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